Effect of common and experimental anti-tuberculosis treatments on Mycobacterium tuberculosis growing as biofilms.

Bioluminescence (relative light units [RLU] per well) of M. tuberculosis BSG001 (a stable bioluminescent derivative of H37Rv) growing as pellicles (floating biofilms), 7 days after exposure to different concentrations (Mg/L) of various common and experimental anti-tuberculosis treatments.


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Author Siouxsie Wiles (1217844), James Dalton (1196517), Benedict Uy (1185705), Brent Copp (1184613), Bill Denny (1220493)
Source https://figshare.com/articles/dataset/Effect_of_common_and_experimental_anti-tuberculosis_treatments_on_Mycobacterium_tuberculosis_growing_as_biofilms_/4097772
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