Revealing Missing Human Protein Isoforms Based on Ab Initio Prediction, RNA-seq and Proteomics

In this project, we design a methods to detect novel transcripts integrating ab initio prediction on genomic sequences and filtration with various RNA-seq data. 100 splice sites were selected and RT-PCR on 48 human tissues and cell lines (including a blank negative control) were conducted. The product of the same tissue or cell line were mixed and sequenced with Illumina Mi-seq.


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Author Zhiqiang Hu (733127), Hamish S. Scott (225858), Guangrong Qin (594367), Guangyong Zheng (525067), Xixia Chu (734060), Lu Xie (55571), David L. Adelson (110514), Bergithe E Oftedal (734061), Parvathy Venugopal (734062), Milena Babic (734063), Christopher N Hahn (734064), Bing Zhang (129), Xiaojing Wang (147040), Nan Li (155066), Chaochun Wei (2214)
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