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  • KiwiRail KM pegs

    KiwiRail Holdings Limited
    KiwiRail kilometre posts or pegs depicting every full (and sometimes half) km point.  For use in identifying linear locations on the railway network.  Every point object has a...
  • Level Crossings (Railway)

    KiwiRail Holdings Limited
    Level crossing points on the railway network, represented as a single point for each crossing instance.  Attribute information includes Lat and Lon coordinates (decimal...
  • KiwiRail Locations

    KiwiRail Holdings Limited
    Recognised location points on the KiwiRail network, including stations (passenger stops), yards, other operational and minor places.  Some points exist for the ease of searching...
  • NZ Railway Network

    KiwiRail Holdings Limited
    NZ railway network, each polyline object representing a separate line entity (eg, North Auckland Line, Main South Line), with attribute information identifying full line name....
  • KiwiRail Electrified Network

    KiwiRail Holdings Limited
    Shapefile which identifies the extents of the electrified railway network.  Polylines may not match the exact track centreline.  Supplied as ESRI shapefile (polyline) in NZTM.