Spider mite predation risk

Data associated with the paper Li GY, Zhang ZQ (2019) Development, lifespan and reproduction of spider mites exposed to predator-induced stress across generations. Biogerontology 20(6): 871-882. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10522-019-09835-0

There are six sub-tables presenting life history data for two generations of spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) exposed or not exposed to predation risk from its predator (Phytoseiulus persimilis):

Sub-table 1 is for data for parent generation of spider mites exposed predation risk, whereas sub-table 2 is the control (parents not exposed to predation risk). Sub-tables 3 and 4 are for offspring (F1) from Sub-table 1, with F1 YY presenting data for offspring exposed to predation risk and F1 YN for offspring not exposed to predation risk. Sub-tables 5 and 6 are for offspring (F1) from Sub-table 2, with F1 NY presenting data for offspring exposed to predation risk and F1 NN for offspring not exposed to predation risk.

For offspring tables, column B is for eggs (its duration in days) that were of unknown sex as they were not reared to adults (We prepared more eggs than needed for F1 studies). Data are for females if not indicated and are durations in number of days (except fecundity). When data are available for both males and females (e.g. duration of egg stage), sex is indicated clearly: e.g. egg(female) and egg(male) for duration of egg stage for females and males, respectively. In a small number of replicates, the mite died accidentally (e.g. submerged in water barrier for leaf disc); these are explained in a column "Note".

Abbreviations: dev = Developmental time (egg to adult); ovi = duration of oviposition period; pre-ovi = duration of pre-oviposition period (adult females before laying eggs); post-ovi = duration of post-oviposition period (adult females after laying eggs and before death).

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