Meshblock Higher Geographies 2019 (high definition)

This dataset is a high definition (HD) version of the annually released meshblock boundaries concorded to higher geographies as at 1 January 2018 as defined by Stats NZ. This version contains 53,596 meshblocks, including 16 with empty or null geometries (non-digitised meshblocks).

This Meshblock Higher Geographies 2019 file is a correspondence, or concordance, which relates meshblocks to larger geographic areas or 'higher geographies'. This HD version is the most detailed geometry, suitable for use in GIS for geometric analysis operations and for the computation of areas, centroids and other metrics. The HD version is aligned to the LINZ cadastre.

The higher geographies contained in this concordance are: community board (CB2019), constituency (CON2019), Māori constituency (MCON2019), regional council (REGC2019), statistical area 1 (SA12019), statistical area 2 (SA22019), subdivision (TASUB2019), territorial authority (TA2019), urban rural (UR2019), urban rural indicator (IUR2019), and ward (WARD2019). The following geographies were first introduced in 2018: statistical area 1 (SA1), statistical area 2 (SA2), urban rural (UR), and urban rural indicator (IUR). These new geographies are part of the Statistical Standard for Geographic Areas 2018 (SSGA18) which replaces the 1992 New Zealand Standard Areas Classification (NZSAC92). The statistical standard for geographic areas is to be used from 2018(SSGA18). It defines the Stats NZ input and output geographic classifications and describes their primary purposes, and sets out requirements and guidelines for the creation and maintenance of statistical geographies.

Digital boundary data became freely available on 1 July 2007.

For further information on individual higher geographies, refer to their metadata.

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Spatial {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[165.9736437566849, -47.6201235791258], [165.9736437566849, -33.95849709933265], [180.0, -33.95849709933265], [180.0, -47.6201235791258], [165.9736437566849, -47.6201235791258]]], [[[-180.0, -33.95849709933265], [-175.37904705445908, -33.95849709933265], [-175.37904705445908, -47.6201235791258], [-180.0, -47.6201235791258], [-180.0, -33.95849709933265]]]]}
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