Baby Name popularity over time

This data set lists the sex and number of birth registrations for each first name, from 1900 onward. Years are grouped by the date of the birth registration, not by the date of birth.

Some birth registrations are not included, such as registrations with a sex other than Male or Female (i.e. indeterminate or not recorded), or where the birth registration date is not recorded. These excluded records are so few their exclusion is unlikely to have any significant impact on the data.

Where a name has less than 10 instances in a particular year, the name will not be included in the data for that year. Due to this, total volumes will be less than the total birth registrations in that year.

As first and middle names are recorded in our system together, the first name has been split off from the middle names. Due to the size of the data set, this was done with an automated system, generally looking for the first space in the name. This means there may be names not correctly added. Also, certain symbols in names may not carry through to the data correctly. Please let us know using the contact email address if you find any errors in the data.

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