• Survey of Working Life

    These releases contain information on work arrangements, working conditions, and job satisfaction in New Zealand.
  • Subnational Population Projections

    These releases provide a summary of the projected population of regional council and territorial authority areas within New Zealand, based on different combinations of...
  • Statistics New Zealand Digital Boundaries

    Digital boundaries covering New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands, are now available to download. Compressed in zip format, the files contain the following geographic...
  • Recorded Crime Tables

    Includes offence statistics, calendar year offences statistics, fiscal year offences statistics, fiscal year apprehensions statistics and other sections. Includes Excel spreadshee
  • Re-enrolment of Christchurch School Students - post February 2011 earthquake

    In response to the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, Statistics New Zealand has produced a brief overview of Ministry of Education re-enrolment data for primary,...
  • Quarterly Employment Survey

    These releases provide statistics on employment in New Zealand, including the levels of, and changes to, total earnings, hours paid for, filled jobs, average hourly and weekly...
  • Post-enumeration Survey: 2013

    Results from the 2013 Post-enumeration Survey show that the 2013 Census counted 97.6 percent of New Zealand residents in the country on census night,' population statistics...
  • Overseas Cargo Statistics

    These releases provide information on the value and volume of cargo loaded and unloaded at New Zealand ports, up until the year ended June 2007. Current overseas cargo...
  • New Zealand Childcare Survey

    This one-off release provides information about the use of formal and informal childcare arrangements, and the relationship between childcare, work, and study arrangements.
  • National Employment Indicator (NEI)

    The National Employment Indicator (NEI) provides an early indication of changes in total filled jobs over each month at the national level. It covers filled jobs that were paid...
  • Household Labour Force Survey

    These releases provide New Zealand's official employment and unemployment statistics. Data for quarters back to December 1998 are available from the source URL (see below).
  • Geographic boundary files

    Use this page to download files showing geographic boundaries for New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands.
  • External Migration

    These releases provide statistics on external migration, including the number of overseas visitors, New Zealand resident travellers and permanent and long-term migrants entering...
  • Estimate of New Dwelling Units

    These releases provide an early indication of the number of building consents issued in a particular month.
  • Civil Unions and Marriages (provisional)

    This release provides provisional statistics about civil unions and marriages registered in New Zealand.
  • Capital Goods Price Index

    These releases provide information on changes in the general price level of fixed capital assets. Data for quarters back to March 2008 are available from the source URL (see...
  • Business activity (GST) indicator

    These releases provide information on business activity in New Zealand, by industry. The Business Activity Indicator is derived from goods and services tax (GST) data.
  • Business Finance

    This release provides information on the capital structure of businesses in New Zealand, the sources of finance they use, and their recent financing experience. The Business...
  • Annual report of Statistics New Zealand: financial tables

    The following tables from the Annual report: Statement of service performance: Revenue and output expenses, output class 1; Statement of service performance: Revenue and output...
  • Alternative sources of data for 2011 Census variables

    Statistics New Zealand has identified alternative data sources that may help users fill information gaps left by the halting of the 2011 Census. This resource provides links to...