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  • coastal-erosion

    Coastal Erosion

    Coastal erosion is the retreat of the shoreline caused by water currents,...

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  • drought


    Drought is defined as a deficiency of rainfall over an extended period – a...

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  • earthquake


    Earthquakes are the result of forces deep within the earth's interior. Sudden...

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  • emergency-support


    Emergency datasets are commonly used, openly available, authoritative...

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  • fire


    A fire is any unexpected fire in an open or closed space, such as a...

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  • flood


    A flood occurs when the amount of water in a river exceeds the capacity of...

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  • landslide


    Landslides, can be defined to include the downward and outward movement of...

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  • resilience-support

    Resilience Support Data

    Resilience support datasets are commonly used, openly available and...

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  • snow-and-ice

    Snow and Ice

    Precipitation in the form of ice crystals/snowflakes or ice pellets (sleet)...

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  • storm-surge

    Storm Surge

    An abnormal rise in sea level generated by a tropical cyclone or other...

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  • tsunami


    A series of waves caused by the rapid displacement of a body of water (ocean,...

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  • volcano


    Volcanic eruptions happen when lava and gas are discharged from a volcanic...

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  • wind


    Widespread strong winds can be produced by different large-scale weather...

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