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  • QuickStats About Pacific Peoples

    Stats NZ
    QuickStats About Pacific Peoples presents information on people belonging to the Pacific peoples ethnic group who usually live in New Zealand. It also includes data that relates...
  • QuickStats About Māori

    Stats NZ
    Information in this QuickStats is based on the census usually resident population count from New Zealand's 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings, held on 7 March 2006. This...
  • Linked Employer-Employee data (LEED)

    Stats NZ
    These releases provide statistics on filled jobs, job flows, worker flows, mean and median earnings for continuing jobs and new hires, and total earnings. Data for quarters back...
  • The Social Report 2016

    Ministry of Social Development
    The social report has four key aims: to report on social indicators that complement existing economic and environmental indicators; to compare New Zealand with other countries...