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  • New Zealand Income Survey

    Stats NZ
    These releases provide information on wages and salaries, self-employment, government transfers, and other transfer income.
  • Household Economic Survey

    Stats NZ
    These releases contain information on the incomes and expenditure patterns of private households throughout New Zealand. Data for years back to March 1998 are available from the...
  • Financial Statistics on District Health Boards

    Stats NZ
    Statistics about district health boards include records of the financial performance position of publicly-funded hospital and health service providers.
  • Crown Research Institute Finances

    Stats NZ
    These releases provide the provisional financial results of the nine Crown Research Institutes. The activities of these institutes, which are in a number of different...
  • Capital Goods Price Index

    Stats NZ
    These releases provide information on changes in the general price level of fixed capital assets. Data for quarters back to March 2008 are available from the source URL (see...