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  • Subject Enrolment

    Ministry of Education
    Data on language learning (other than English or Te Reo Māori) by students in New Zealand primary schools (Year 1 to 8) and subjects being studied by secondary school students.
  • Schooling - Pasifika Language in Education

    Ministry of Education
    Information about Pasifika language in education in New Zealand Schools as at 1 July. It describes two levels of Pasifika language learning: Pasifika-medium education and...
  • Languages used at ECE Services and Language use at Home

    Ministry of Education
    Te reo usage, number of children attending services reporting Te reo use, use of Pasifika languages, home language use of the children attending services speaking Pasifika...
  • Tertiary - Summary Tables

    Ministry of Education
    Data about participation in tertiary by students and participation in tertiary education, qualification completion, operating revenue and surplus by providers.
  • Pasifika Tertiary Education

    Ministry of Education
    Statistics on Pasifika students, including provider-based enrolments, industry training, research performance, participation rates, transitions from school to tertiary, student...
  • Pasifika Parent Representation on the Board of Trustees

    Ministry of Education
    The proportion of schools with a fair level of Pasifika parent representation on the board of trustees as at 1 December.
  • Early Childhood Education - Language used in ECE

    Ministry of Education
    Statistics on language use in ECE, including tables on number of services, enrolments and teaching staff in ECE.
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