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  • Foreign exchange turnover

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Foreign exchange turnover data for selected currencies and instruments.
  • Financial Statistics on District Health Boards

    Stats NZ
    Statistics about district health boards include records of the financial performance position of publicly-funded hospital and health service providers.
  • Key graphs - current account balance

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    The current account records New Zealand's transactions in goods, services, income, and current transfers with the rest of the world. Data is available from 1970.
  • Key graphs - inflation

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    The Consumers Price Index (CPI) measures changes to the prices of consumer items bought by New Zealand households, giving a measure of inflation. Data is available from 1920.
  • Key graphs - mortgage rates

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Average floating and two year fixed mortgage rates offered to new customers for residential home loans. Data is available from 1964.
  • Key graphs - exchange rate

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    The trade weighted index (TWI) measures the value of the New Zealand dollar (NZD) against New Zealand's major trading partners. It is the Reserve Bank's preferred summary...
  • Key graphs - 90-day rate and the OCR

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Since March 1999, the Reserve Bank has used the Official Cash Rate (OCR) as its tool for controlling inflation. By setting the OCR, the Reserve Bank is able to influence...
  • Crown Research Institute Finances

    Stats NZ
    These releases provide the provisional financial results of the nine Crown Research Institutes. The activities of these institutes, which are in a number of different...
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