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  • Reserve Bank balance sheet

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Accounting, statistical and analytical presentations of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's balance sheet. This can be found in tables coded R1 to R3.
  • Note issues and coin mintings

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Data on bank notes in the hands of the public and the face value and number of coin orders placed with mints. These are found in tables coded F3 and F4.
  • International position

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Tables providing information on New Zealand’s international reserves and foreign currency liquidity, selected account positions at the IMF and official overseas reserves. This...
  • Foreign exchange turnover

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Foreign exchange turnover data for selected currencies and instruments.
  • Key graphs - current account balance

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    The current account records New Zealand's transactions in goods, services, income, and current transfers with the rest of the world. Data is available from 1970.
  • Key graphs - exchange rate

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    The trade weighted index (TWI) measures the value of the New Zealand dollar (NZD) against New Zealand's major trading partners. It is the Reserve Bank's preferred summary...
  • Key graphs - 90-day rate and the OCR

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Since March 1999, the Reserve Bank has used the Official Cash Rate (OCR) as its tool for controlling inflation. By setting the OCR, the Reserve Bank is able to influence...
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