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  • Soil physical properties

    Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
    Subset of samples used to develop the intergranular mixing particle size distribution model (IMP model). The model is able to derive the soil water retention curve using particle size distribution and saturated water content. Additional details of the data and the model can be found at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124597
    Created 10 February 2020 Updated 23 November 2020
  • CenW growth and ecosystem gas exchange model

    Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
    CenW is a generic growth and ecosystem gas exchange model that simulates photosynthetic carbon gain, water use and nitrogen cycling through plants and soil organic matter. The photosynthetic modelling uses a simple, yet physiologically based, description of photosynthesis together with simple assumptions about light interception. With appropriate...
    Created 11 August 2017 Updated 3 February 2020
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