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  • Gambling Expenditure Statistics

    Department of Internal Affairs
    The dataset shows the amount spent on the four main types of gambling activity - TAB racing and sports betting, NZ Lotteries games, gaming machines (outside casinos) and casinos...
  • Gaming machine statistics

    Department of Internal Affairs
    This dataset shows the numbers and types of societies licensed to operate approved gaming machines at approved venues on that day. It does not include any gaming machines,...
  • Dog Control Statistics

    Department of Internal Affairs
    This information has been collected from three sources: (1) dog, owner, registration and infringement information from the National Dogs Database (NDD) at the Department of...
  • Local Authority Election Statistics

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Local Authority Election Statistics produced every three years.
  • Statistical profiles of individual councils

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Includes key council information, including: contact details, financial, election and dog control statistics. At present in HTML format.
  • Publications New Zealand Metadata Dataset

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Publications New Zealand is New Zealand's national bibliography. The Publications New Zealand dataset contains bibliographic records of books, periodicals, films, music and...
  • Index New Zealand Metadata Dataset

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Index New Zealand (INNZ) is a searchable database that contains abstracts and descriptions of articles from about 1000 New Zealand periodicals and newspapers published from the...
  • Te Papa's Collections Online image download survey data

    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
    This dataset contains information on the image downloads by users of Te Papa's Collections Online website. The data spans from the launch date of download functionality on 3 Jun...
  • Charities Register Open Data

    Department of Internal Affairs
    The Charities Register available as dynamic open data.
  • Department of Internal Affairs Chief Executive expenses

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Disclosure of Department of Internal Affairs' Chief Executive, expenses, gifts and hospitality for the periods 1 July - 31 December 2010; 1 January - 30 June 2011; 1 July - 31...
  • Lottery Grants Board Community Committee grant recipients

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Recipients of Lottery Grants Board Community Committee grants.
  • New Zealand Gazette

    Department of Internal Affairs
    The New Zealand Gazette ( is the official newspaper of the Government and is an authoritative journal of constitutional record containing notices that...
  • website usage statistics Nov 09 - Oct 11

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Raw website usage statistics for including unique visitors, page views, click-thoughs to data hosting websites, cumulative number of dataset listing pages, and 25...
  • Most Popular Male and Female First Names

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Excel spreadsheet of the 100 male and female first names for each year since 1954 to most recent year, based on births registered in New Zealand during each year.
  • The Government A-Z directory

    Department of Internal Affairs
    The Government A-Z directory is a list of New Zealand Government organisations, their postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and head office roles. Entries are...
  • Government consultation listing

    Department of Internal Affairs
    The Government consultation listing provides details for consultations from both central and local government sorted by topic, agency and status. Entries are added on a regular...
  • WCC Grant Funding By Fund

    Wellington City Council
    Extracted 19 July 2017. Wellington City Council grant funds groups and individuals throughout the city for many different purposes, from holding events to strengthening heritage...
  • Women's Franchise Petitions 1892 and 1893

    Department of Internal Affairs
    When Governor Glasgow signed the Electoral Bill on 19 September 1893, New Zealand became the first self-governing nation in the world where women had won the right to vote. The...
  • New Zealand casualties in overseas wars

    Ministry for Culture and Heritage
    New Zealand casualties in overseas wars.
  • Archway Agency List

    Department of Internal Affairs
    Agency documentation is an important part of Archives New Zealand's descriptive model for its archival holdings. An 'agency' is any organisational entity which has engaged in...
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