Wells & Bores - with Borelogs

Wells and Bores as recorded in the Environment Canterbury Wells Database. Note that this may include proposed bores and test bores that have been subsequently filled in.

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Created 2019-11-06T02:41:11.000Z
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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[169.6031, -44.9324], [174.0021, -44.9324], [174.0021, -41.9905], [169.6031, -41.9905], [169.6031, -44.9324]]]}
Source Identifier http://opendata.canterburymaps.govt.nz/datasets/86e2e257bdc9474992f9032d2c1f54f0_1
Record created July 16, 2020, Last Updated August 1, 2020