Top baby names of all time

This data set lists the top 350 male and female first names on birth registrations since our records began in 1848. It also includes the top 350 surnames from both male and female birth registrations.

  • Records with no first name details have been excluded from this data set.
  • Registrations with a sex other than Male or Female (e.g. indeterminate or not recorded) are excluded.
  • As first and middle names are recorded in our system together, the first name has been split off from the middle names by looking for the first space in the name. This means there may be names not correctly listed.
  • We had also identified an issue with the previous version of this data where hyphenated names were counted incorrectly. For example, 'Mary-Jane' was being incorrectly counted as 'Mary'. This has now been corrected and as a result some counts may have changed from previous versions of this data set. Please see the below resource section to view the lists.

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Theme Population and society
Author Department of Internal Affairs
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Source New Zealand Birth Registrations 1848-Present
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Dataset metadata created 26 February 2019, last updated 25 January 2023