Territorial Authority 2019 Clipped (generalised)

This dataset is the definitive set of annually released territorial authority boundaries at 1 January 2019, clipped to the coastline. This clipped version has been created for map creation/cartographic purposes and may not fully represent the official full extent boundaries. A territorial authority is defined under the Local Government Act 2002 as a city or a district council. Territorial authorities are the second tier of local government in New Zealand, below regional councils.

Digital boundary data became freely available on 1 July 2007. This generalised version has been simplified for rapid drawing and is designed for thematic or web mapping purposes.

For further information see ANZLIC Metadata 2019 Territorial Authority attachment below.

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Spatial {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[166.2620325849669, -47.22304675033502], [166.2620325849669, -34.12963464940258], [180.0, -34.12963464940258], [180.0, -47.22304675033502], [166.2620325849669, -47.22304675033502]]], [[[-180.0, -34.12963464940258], [-175.90572590236093, -34.12963464940258], [-175.90572590236093, -47.22304675033502], [-180.0, -47.22304675033502], [-180.0, -34.12963464940258]]]]}
Source Identifier https://datafinder.stats.govt.nz/layer/98753-territorial-authority-2019-clipped-generalised/
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