Supplementary data for publication: Trichoderma down under: Species diversity and occurrence of Trichoderma in New Zealand

Additional information on the strains and sequences used in this study of the genetic and taxonomic diversity of the genus Trichoderma in New Zealand. (In Press, Australasian Plant Pathology)

Abstract: This is the first comprehensive survey of the species diversity of Trichoderma for a region within the temperate Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand makes an ideal target for such a survey because of the extensive historical collections of this genus from both native and human-modified ecosystems. From the 320 Trichoderma strains sequenced for the translation elongation factor-1α (tef1α) gene, in addition to the names associated with voucher specimens at the New Zealand Fungarium (PDD, Landcare Research), we recognise 72 Trichoderma species as present in New Zealand. Thirty-three species are reported for the first time from New Zealand and 13 of these appear to represent undescribed taxa. The New Zealand species are positioned across most Trichoderma clades, with terminal lineages related to T. viride, T. koningii and T. harzianum well represented. Of the 14 undescribed species, Trichoderma sp. “atroviride B”, a sister species to T. atroviride s.s., was the most commonly recovered species. Records of several species known only from fungarium specimens could not be confirmed by DNA analysis. Populations of Trichoderma in New Zealand are likely to represent a mixture of ancient indigenous lineages, more recent natural introductions, and species introduced as a result of human-mediated dispersal. Twenty-eight Trichoderma species have been reported only from New Zealand or other Southern Hemisphere locations. The diversity of Trichoderma species in New Zealand, their phylogenetic relationships, distribution, ecology, and possible origins are discussed in this paper.

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