State highway traffic monitoring sites

The location of traffic monitoring sites that are used to count and classify traffic on state highways.

Information included:

counts, provided as average daily flowsan estimate of heavy vehicles the number of days sampledtype of sensor equipment.

Traffic monitoring for state highways: user manual [PDF 465 KB]

Data reuse caveats: as per license.

Data quality statement: please read the accompanying user manual, explaining:

how this data is collected identification of count stations traffic monitoring technology monitoring hierarchy and conventions typical survey specification data calculation TMS operation.

Traffic monitoring for state highways: user manual [PDF 465 KB]

Data quality caveats: it isn’t possible to accurately capture all vehicles using dual loops. An error margin of 2% - 5% is normal. Sites with congestion or lane changing can have higher error margins.

AADT (average annual daily traffic) accuracy depends on sampling frequency.

Classification isn’t possible at single loop sites, and not all counts at dual loop sites are classified counts. The daily counts at non-continuous sites are adjusted using values from continuous sites.

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