Smap Soil Depth February 2018

There has been a change in the way the S-map is being made available to users. The S-map primary map layer ofsoil classes (i.e. delineated areas that are labelled with the soil family name) is no longer freely available to commercial users. Access to this data and associated soil attribute data for commercial use is by negotiation - please contact Graeme Anderson. This layer is a "dissolved" representation of the soil depth attribute for S-map soilspreviously available as a lookup table.It is available for non-commercial use under a creative commons licence (CC-BY-NC-ND).Soil depth (Webb & Lilburne 2011) is defined according to a traditional agronomic concept of soil depth (Taylor & Pohlen 1970). In a practical sense, it can be thought of as the depth to a layer that makes augering or digging difficult. Soil depth is identified as the depth to:· A very stony horizon (more than 35% stones by volume)· A soft or hard rock surface· Shattered rock· A pan, as defined in Hewitt (2010)· Firm consistence, together with massive or gross structure. Note that while the layer defining soil depth may cause some restriction in root penetration, it does not necessarily define the base of the potential rooting depth.The dominant depth classes aredefined as:Deep(> 100 cm)Moderately Deep(45 cm - 100 cm)Shallow(20 cm - 45 cm)Very Shallow(

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Spatial {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[167.5610464800006, -46.675151715530724], [167.5610464800006, -35.731333423912766], [178.4983237542297, -35.731333423912766], [178.4983237542297, -46.675151715530724], [167.5610464800006, -46.675151715530724]]]]}
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