RPS - Outstanding Natural Landscapes

RPS - Outstanding Natural Landscapes - Operative May 9th 2016 Version
The Regional Policy Statement is one of the most important planning tools for Northland. It sets out how our natural and physical resources should be managed into the future – from the mountains to the sea and for the benefit of all Northlanders.
The new Regional Policy Statement will underpin the integrated management of our resources (land, water, air, soil, minerals, energy, all plants and animals, and all structures). This means considering the environment as a whole and recognising that changes, or the effects of human activities, in one area or on one resource, can affect other resources.
It will provide for the wellbeing of our people and economic development while sustainably managing our resources for future generations. It will also impact how people, businesses and industry use, develop and protect Northland’s resources and it will influence future district and regional plans.
Every regional council is required under the Resource Management Act to have a Regional Policy Statement in place at all times.
In Northland it covers the management of natural and physical resources throughout the region, from Kaiwaka in the south, to Cape Reinga in the north, and out to the 12 nautical mile (22.2 km) limit.
Part of the Proposed Regional Policy Statement is a set of proposed maps that show Northland’s ‘outstanding’ areas and ‘coastal environment’.
These maps have been developed to meet requirements under the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 and the Resource Management Act 1991.
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Outstanding natural landscapes are areas are throughout the region and are identified using a combination of things such as wild or scenic value, naturalness, memorability and cultural and/or historic values. (For Kaipara these areas were recently updated so there’s nothing new.) An example is Mangawhai Sandspit.
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