RPS - Coastal Marine Boundary Area

Coastal Marine Area boundary and the landward boundaries of Hazard Zones 1 and 2 within the Canterbury Region as shown in the Canterbury Regional Coastal Environment Plan 2005. The Coastal Marine Area Boundary (CMA) along the line of Mean High Water Springs (MHWS) is indicative only. Environment Canterbury has defined Hazard Zones along the Region’s coast. Two zones are defined: Hazard Zone 1 - This is a zone delimited by a line approximately parallel with the shoreline, set inland from mean high water mark springs, which contains the current active beach system and land that is at risk from coastal erosion within 50 years of this Plan being produced. Hazard Zone 2 - This is inland from Hazard Zone 1, and marks land that is at risk from coastal erosion in the period 50 to 100 years of this Plan being produced. Coastal Erosion features as shown in Volume 3 and Chapter 9 of the Regional Coastal Environment Plan (RCEP) and in Appendix 5 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement (RPS). For further information please visit http://ecan.govt.nz/publications/Pages/regional-coastal-environment-plan.aspx and http://ecan.govt.nz/our-responsibilities/regional-plans/rps/pages/default.aspx 

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