Poverty Bay Soils

The Gisborne Plains physical survey was completed in 1952–1954, and compiled on one-mile (NZMS 1) topographic maps published by the Department of Lands and Survey in 1946. This digital map has been compiled on the NZTM topographic base. The original map was poorly registered when applied to the more accurate modern topographic base. Where possible the polygon boundaries have been redrawn to fit the NZTM topographic base, using the Kiwi Image digital photographs. Where there were no obvious topographic features (i.e. no river or hill boundary), the ability to correct polygon boundaries was limited, and the location of these boundaries will still be inaccurate.The soil map scale is 1:15840, and its use should be limited to this scale or coarser. In this digital map the soil symbols that label each polygon are the same as that in the original map, with additional information on the soils represented by each soil symbol available in Soil Bureau Bulletin 20. In this digital map there has been a correlation of the soils mapped, resulting in the amalgamation of some soil types, as differences between soil types are minor and not distinguished in modern classification systems. Soils with the symbols 2a, 2c, 2f, 5a, 6a, and 6d have been amalgamated into soils with the symbols 2, 2b, 2e, 5, 6, and 6c respectively.

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