PNCC Refuse Collection

Refuse bags will be collected every week.Recycling will alternate between BIN and CRATE collections, depending what WEEK Zone you live in.Week 1 & 2 calendars are available from our website (Rubbish and recycling days (  Search for your address and download the calendar.)Dataset Attributes

BAG_DAY: Type – String

Day of week when general rubbish will be collected.

RECYCLE_DAY: Type – String

Day of week when recycling will be collected.

SYMBOL: Type – String

Used for map symbology

Made up of DayOfWeek, Collection week and Recycle collection or not

DESCRIPTION: Type – String

Describing the collection as per calendar

COLLECTION_TYPE: Type - Small Integer

“10x”  x=1, 2, 3 or 4

1 – Bin Week 1

2 – Bin Week 2

3 – Bin & Crate

4 – No Recycling

HYPERLINK: Type – String

URL to the current recycle calendar.

CollectionDate: Type – Date

Date the data was generated

WEEK: Type – Integer

The current week (1 or 2), except when week = 0 or 3

DateLabel: Type – String

Day of week + current date

CollDescr: Type – String

Generated string indicating this week’s collection

BIN_WEEK: Type – Integer

The week cycle your bin will be collected

CRATE_WEEK: Type – Integer

The week cycle you create will be collected

OBJECTID: Type – Integer

System unique ID, not enduring

SHAPE: Type – esriFieldTypeGeometry

Geometry, NZTM projection. (WKID-2193)

ESRI_OID: Type – ObjectID

ArcGIS Online ID

Data and Resources

Additional Info

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