(ONFL) Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes (Proposed Plan 2014)

This is a review of the 1993 'Outstanding' and 'Regionally Significant' features and landscapes that is part of the current 2003 Coastal Plan. The review was carried out to confirm or amend the already identified sites and, if applicable, to identify additional areas meeting the criteria. The brief for the review was to: Confirm the location and extent of outstanding natural features and landscapes (ONFL's); Check that all ONF&Ls are still 'outstanding' relative to current tests for that value; Identify any other ONF&Ls not included in the Coastal Plan; Identify outstanding sub-tidal natural features and landscapes.THIS DATA HAS NOT BEEN FINALISED. The boundaries and data are subject to change as a result of the hearing and decision making process of the proposed plan.

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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[175.8999, -38.0825], [178.1206, -38.0825], [178.1206, -37.1352], [175.8999, -37.1352], [175.8999, -38.0825]]]}
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