NZ Primary Parcels

This layer provides the current primary parcel polygons and some associated descriptive data that details the appellation (legal description), purpose, size and a list of titles that have an interest in the parcel.

A primary parcel is a portion of land that is intended to be : • owned by the Crown, except moveable marginal strips • Held in fee simple ((predominately private ownership) • Maori freehold land or Maori customary land • Public foreshore and seabed • The bed of a lake or river • Road or Railway • Vested in a local authority

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Primary parcels can be thought of as the 'base level' of the 'jigsaw puzzle' of all land making up New Zealand. Other 'levels' are NZ Non-primary parcels that essentially limit the full rights that would normally be associated with a primary parcel for example easements, covenants, leases and moveable marginal strips etc.

If you require approved or historic parcels see the All Parcels Layer

This layer has a nominal accuracy of 0.1-1m in urban areas and 1-100m in rural areas. For more detailed information about parcel accuracies please refer to the Survey Boundary Marks layer which contains accuracies for each parcel node.

The combination of this layer with the non-primary parcels layer provides all current parcels for New Zealand (i.e. excludes Historic and Pending parcels)

The originating data for parcel/title associations includes some non-official sources where the official data does not support a link. For more information see the LINZ website

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