NZ Chatham Islands Topo250 Gridless Maps

The Topo250 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland, the Chatham Islands at 1:250,000 scale.

Along with the paper-based Topo250 map series, digital images of the maps are also publicly available.

Georeferenced raster digital images are provided at a resolution of 300 DPI. Georeferencing allows adjacent maps to be accurately and automatically aligned within GIS systems.

This version is provided without a grid or graticule ticks.

To create this product the grid, graticule, grid text and graticule text representations were temporarily removed and the text-clashing routines rerun to reinstate features previously masked by the grid and graticule text. It is possible that some road, railway and track names will not match those on previously generatedTopo250 Geotiffs. The names willl not be wrong, but simply not been placed using the cartographic text-placement routines normally run prior to a formal data release. Text on versions of the gridded and gridless products generated from Oct 2014 on will match.

For more information, and a description of the georeferencing keys:

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