NZ Bathymetry 250m Imagery/Raster layer

NIWA's bathymetry model of New Zealand at a 250m resolution. The 2016 model is a compilation of data digitised from published coastal charts, digital soundings archive, navy collector sheets and digital multibeam data sourced from surveys by NIWA, LINZ, as well as international surveys by vessels from United States of America, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan. All data used is held at NIWA.Image service can be used for analysis in ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Online - no need to download the data, just stream using this service and classify, symbolise, mask, extract or apply map algebra - just like you would with local raster files. information and metadata Offshore representation was generated from digital bathymetry at a grid resolution of 250m. Sun illumination is from an azimuth of 315° and 45° above the horizon.Projection Mercator 41 (WGS84 datum). EPSG: 3994Scale 1:5,000,000 at 41°S. Not to be used for navigational purposes Bibliographic reference Mitchell, J.S., Mackay, K.A., Neil, H.L., Mackay, E.J., Pallentin, A., Notman P., 2012. Undersea New Zealand, 1:5,000,000.  NIWA Chart, Miscellaneous Series No. 92Further Information: Download Location as File Geodatabase

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