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The dataset contains details of the biota caught during plankton surveys around New Zealand and the south western Pacific although some occurrence data is included from other oceans sourced from the digitisation of journal articles from New Zealand authors. A large source from this dataset is provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries from its 'plankton' and 'rocklob' databases. This dataset records all biological specimens collected during plankton sampling including fish, larvae, and eggs. This dataset does not include and data from Constant Plankton Recorders.Data was then assimilated from digital and non digital sources (such as journal publications, reports, work sheets) into a central dataset.Species occurrence data collated from research events using plankton sampling equipment in and around New Zealand waters.Biological data was sampled in-situ using a variety of equipment such as plankton trawls, vertical nets, water samples.The scientific names have been mapped to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), using the online taxon match tool.All sampling locations have been plotted on a map to perform a visual check. The most important check would be to see if all sampling locations are (1) in the marine and/or brackish environment and (2) within the described sampling area.Southwest Pacific OBIS (2013). Biological observation data from plankton surveys around New Zealand. Southwestern Pacific OBIS, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Wellington, New Zealand, 36723 records, Online https://nzobisipt.niwa.co.nz/resource?r=mbis_plankton released on June 22, 2014.

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