MBIS coralline algae

Occurence of New Zealand's non-geniculate coralline flora. This dataset is based on two identification guides published by NIWA and funded through the Ministry of Fisheries Biodiversity Programme in order to make information accessible to marine scientists and resource managers and to improve understanding of these algae.Citation: Harvey, A., Woelkerling, W.,Farr, T., Broom, J., Hart, D., Neill, K., Nelson, W. (2013). Coralline algae of northern and central New Zealand. Southwestern OBIS, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Wellington, New Zealand, 1050 records, Online:  https://nzobisipt.niwa.co.nz/resource?r=mbiscoralline_algae released on Jul 2, 2013.Harvey, A.; Woelkerling, W.; Farr, T.; Neill, K.; Nelson, W. (2005). Coralline algae of central New Zealand: an identification guide to common ‘crustose’ species. NIWA Information Series No. 57. 145 p.Farr, T.; Broom, J.; Hart, D.; Neill, K.; Nelson, W. (2009). Common coralline algae of northern New Zealand: an identifcation guide. NIWA Information Series No. 70.

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