Level Crossings (Railway)

Level crossing points on the railway network, represented as a single point for each crossing instance.  Attribute information includes Lat and Lon coordinates (decimal degrees), rail network line name, use (public or private), type (pedestrian or road), and ALCAM (Australian Level Crossings Assessment Model) reference number.  This data represents all road and pedestrian PUBLIC level crossings, but does not include decommissioned, proposed, railway maintenance/service crossings, nor private crossings (unless they are presumed to have frequent public access).  Data may include level crossings that exist outside of the KiwiRail managed networkThe existence of a level crossing point in this data does not necessarily indicate a level crossing location which has been authorised for public use.  Supplied as ESRI shapefile (point) in NZTM.

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Theme ["geospatial"]
Author KiwiRail
Maintainer kirsten.oneil@kiwirail.co.nz
Source http://data-kiwirail.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/5dc1526435a043e5be1c841727f465f7_0
Created 2018-08-14T01:48:51.000Z
Date modified 2019-11-05T02:50:43.000Z
Language English
Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[167.8785, -46.6935], [178.7072, -46.6935], [178.7072, -35.2711], [167.8785, -35.2711], [167.8785, -46.6935]]]}
Source Identifier http://data-kiwirail.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/5dc1526435a043e5be1c841727f465f7_0
Record created August 17, 2018, Last Updated June 28, 2020