LCDB v4.1 Version Trace, Mainland New Zealand

This data set (LCDB v4.1 Version Trace) allows users to track changes back to the previous version (v4.0), and to reconcile derived quantities, such as the total area of a class in a region, to those derived from the earlier LCDB version. Additionally the authority (and date) for mapping the change is recorded in this database where such a change has been manually mapped.

DO NOT use this dataset to assess real vegetation change over time. Rather use the latest available LCDB version which will contain vegetation cover for all timesteps. This Version Trace dataset is only provided to help reconcile with an analysis done on an earlier version of the LCDB.

Similar datasets were provided to trace LCDB2 ==> LCDB v3.0, LCDB v3.0 ==> LCDB v3.3, and LCDB v3.3 ==> LCDB v4.0. Note however, we previously called the dataset "Change" rather than "Version Trace", e.g. "LCDB v4.0 Change".

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Author Landcare Research
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Created 2015-07-16T22:41:19.507833Z
Date modified 2020-06-16T02:30:04.405373Z
Language English
Spatial {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[166.65632386219096, -47.24903229852323], [166.65632386219096, -34.495030087030564], [178.55051273451198, -34.495030087030564], [178.55051273451198, -47.24903229852323], [166.65632386219096, -47.24903229852323]]]]}
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