Land Elements (North Island)

This data layer was derived from terrain analysis of a 25 m resolution national digital terrain model to create a setof landform elements. The landform elements are derived from a fuzzy classification based on local geometry (curvature and slope) and landscape context, and provide a primary foundation for mapping soil distribution in steepland land systems, which significantly improves knowledge of soil distribution on hillslopes in complex landscapes, and over a wide range of land systems.

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Spatial {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[171.91967801338936, -41.65174381010369], [171.91967801338936, -33.95961760554663], [178.99069939077762, -33.95961760554663], [178.99069939077762, -41.65174381010369], [171.91967801338936, -41.65174381010369]]]]}
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