KiwiRail Track Centreline

Centreline of railway track, each polyline segment representing a KiwiRail asset record.  Depiction of each main line, yard track, loop, and link, and identifies it's nearest location (using a KiwiRail location name) and asset ID number.  Does not include Private Sidings or privately owned track.  This data is suitable for mapping but not for survey accurate information or exporting to CAD for design (does not include true track geometry/design or elevation).Supplied as ESRI shapefile (polyline) in NZTM, spatial accuracy +/- 0.5mNOTE: for a simplified version of the track data for more generic mapping, please use 'NZ Railway network'.

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Theme ["geospatial"]
Author KiwiRail
Created 2018-08-13T01:38:02.000Z
Date modified 2019-07-24T21:37:46.000Z
Language English
Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[167.875, -46.6935], [178.7109, -46.6935], [178.7109, -35.3048], [167.875, -35.3048], [167.875, -46.6935]]]}
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Record created August 17, 2018, Last Updated June 28, 2020