KiwiRail Locations

Recognised location points on the KiwiRail network, including stations (passenger stops), yards, other operational and minor places.  Some points exist for the ease of searching a known place-name on the network.  Attribute information includesNameStatus (Station/passenger, Yard, Operational, Place)Priority (high priority locations are passenger stopping points and yards, medium priority are other network operational areas, and low priority are place-names).  Data does not identify or categorise points as freight stops.  Historical network locations are not shown.  The location of the point does not represent the physical location of any feature, structure or boundary, and has been positioned in the general vicinity of the place/yard/station.  Supplied as ESRI shapefile (point) in NZTM.

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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[167.8791, -46.6934], [178.6997, -46.6934], [178.6997, -35.3077], [167.8791, -35.3077], [167.8791, -46.6934]]]}
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