KiwiRail KM Posts

KiwiRail kilometre posts or pegs depicting every full (and sometimes half) km point. For use in identifying linear locations on the railway network. Every point object has a number (km reference) and line name, to identify its position on the network.Pegs are shown located on the track centreline, parallel to actual peg location (which is not necessarily exactly 1000m or 500m from previous peg location).Data capture was a desktop exercise and peg location is to the best of knowledge, but has not been verified in the field for all locations. Data does not include all pegs which are located on the rail network.NOTE: Records with 'Y' in the Needscheck field are the ones still needing to be checked.

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Spatial { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [167.9465, -46.5958], [178.0267, -46.5958], [178.0267, -35.3246], [167.9465, -35.3246], [167.9465, -46.5958] ] ] }
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