Kea Habitat (2019)

This kea Habitat map has been created using the NZOS_BirdAtlas data, as well as a Kea observation layer from personal records from Josh Kemp (Science Advisor - Threats, Nelson). It has been ground truthed by DOC staff around the South Island.A 10 x 10km grid was created to match the NZSO Bird Data grid and then was populated with data showing kea presence (yes or no), as well as where the source data came from. The final layer was clipped to public conservation land.In 2019 Kea habitat was differentiated into "Scrounge Influenced" and "Remote" areas. Kea within Scrounge Influenced areas may be desensitised to human impacts, and more likely to ingest toxins. Thus, stricter standards may be implemented in these indicative areas when using toxins for management purposes.

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