Invasive Pinaceae traits 2018

Data sets resulting from a search of available public data in the TRY online database (Kattge et al. 2011) for 3 functional traits (specific leaf area, leaf nitrogen concentration, and wood density) of 34 species in 7 genera of Pinaceae that have escaped from cultivation in at least two global regions (Essl et al. 2010). These data were used to quantify intraspecific trait variation in Sapsford et al. (in press).

Essl et al. (2010) Selection for commercial forestry determines global patterns of alien conifer invasions. Diversity and Distributions 16: 911-921.

Kattge et al. (2011) TRY - a global database of plant traits. Global Change Biology 17:2905-2935.

Sapsford et al. 2020. Towards a framework for understanding the context-dependence of impacts of non-native tree species. Functional Ecology.

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