HIRDS v4 Rainfall Depth Surfaces New Zealand

The High Intensity Rainfall Design System (HIRDS) provides estimates of high intensity rainfall at ungauged locations for a range of return periods and event durations. These surfaces can be used for design storm assessment and in the design of flood protection works and other waterway structures. They can also be used for flood modelling, including flood routing, retention basin design and inundation mapping activities, helping to minimise flood risk within communities across the country.

HIRDS uses a regionalised index-frequency method to utilise all available historical rainfall records gathered from multiple agencies. Each surface contains rainfall depth (in mm) for a given average recurrence interval (in years) and event duration (in hours) on a 2 km grid. Version 4 of this data set was prepared in consultation with Regional Councils and was funded through an Envirolink Tools Grant.  See here for more information and its webpage HIRDS .  In preparing HIRDSv4, all reasonable skill and care was exercised and the best available data and methods were used. Nevertheless, NIWA does not accept any liability, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising out of the use of this tool.******Download TIFF files using ArcGIS Pro******Under API tab, copy GeoService URL. Something like https://gis.niwa.co.nz/rasteranalytics/rest/services/CLIMATE/HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces/ImageServer/query?outFields=&where=1%3D1Select and copy the URL again to https://gis.niwa.co.nz/rasteranalytics/rest/services/CLIMATE/HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces/ImageServerIn ArcGISPro (2.2), under Insert>Connections> add a New ArcGIS Server.Add the copied link as the Server URL in the connection window.A new server connection file will be created under your Project Folder. eg: arcgis on gis.niwa.co.nz (user).agsOpen the connection and navigate to CLIMATE folder.Drag 'HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces ' to the map or expand 'HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces' to see nested 144 grids. Add them individually if needed.Once 'HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces ' layer is added, right click the layer and go to Selection-> Select AllRight click the layer again and choose Data-> Download Rasters option.From the Download Rasters pane you can choose to download the whole 144 grids or a selection.******Download TIFF files using ArcMap*****In ArcMap 10.6, open Catalog window.Under GIS Servers, double click Add ArcGIS Server.Select Use GIS services option from the Add ArcGIS Server window.In Server URL text box, paste https://gis.niwa.co.nz/rasteranalytics/rest/services/CLIMATE/HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces/ImageServerLeave Authentication empty and click Finish button.You should now see a new connection file created like 'arcgis on gis.niwa.co.nz (user)'Expand the connection and navigate to CLIMATE folderAdd/drag and drop 'HIRDSv4_Rainfall_Depth_Surfaces' to ToC.Right click the layer and navigate to Selection->Select AllRight click the layer again and navigate to Data-> Download Selected Rasters. Follow the prompts to download the rasters. Optional to select individual or subset by making a selection in the attribute table of the layer._________________Item Page Created: 2018-08-02 02:37 Item Page Last Modified: 2021-09-01 06:09Owner: steinmetzt_NIWA

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