Hawke's Bay Quaternary Geology

This dataset is a component of a much larger dataset, compiled by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences for the Hawke's Bay Regional Council. This component refers to polygons in the Hawkes Bay Region within which the outcropping rocks are of Quaternary age and of one class. Each polygon is associated with a code indicating the class of the Quaternary deposits within the polygon. Keys to the codes are in file 'geology_description.dbf' and in 'Earthquake Hazard Analysis Program : Stage II: Part II - Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential in the Hawke's Bay Region' by Dellow G.D., Hengesh J.V., Brown L., Hull A.G., Institite of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Client Report 1999/6, 1999.

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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[175.8677, -40.539], [178.1903, -40.539], [178.1903, -38.4822], [175.8677, -38.4822], [175.8677, -40.539]]]}
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