Gorgonian Metallogorgia Cf. Melanotrichos - Annual Distribution

Open NABIS ApplicationThe purpose of this information is to show the annual distribution of the gorgonian Metallogorgia cf. melanotrichosLineage - Document describing the data source used, history of changes, background information about the given layer, and referencesCreator - National Institute of Water and Atmospheric ResearchPublisher - Ministry for Primary IndustriesContributor - Rick Webber (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)Custodian - Ministry for Primary IndustriesJurisdiction of Custodian - New ZealandRights - Crown Copyright Reserved.Subject - Annual distribution of gorgonian Metallogorgia cf. melanotrichos within the waters around New ZealandSource - Language - EnglishRelation - This map is dependent on accurately defined depth contoursFunction - To ensure that fisheries are sustainably used within a healthy aquatic ecosystemLayer Type - biotaAudience - AllMandate - New Zealand Biodiversity StrategyProgress - CompletedMetadata - Compliant with NZGLS and ANZLICLayer InformationSpecies Common Name - Metallic coralSpecies Scientific Name - Metallogorgia cf. melanotrichos (Wright & Studer 1889)Species Maori Name - N/ASpecies Code - MTLEndangered Status - Serious declineSeason - AnnualHabitat Type - Benthic deepwaterMinimum Depth - 500 mMaximum Depth - 2000 mAccuracyAlert Level - 1Warnings and Problems - The distribution of this invertebrate may be more extensive than that presently recognised.Positional Accuracy - 10 kmAttribute Accuracy - Attribute data have been checked against Ministry for Primary Industries guidelines and no significant problems are known.Logical Consistency - Logical consistency has been checked against Ministry for Primary Industries guidelines, and no significant problems are known.Completeness - Completeness of the information layer has been checked against independent descriptions of the distribution of the gorgonian Metallogorgia cf. melanotrichos and no significant problems are known.Certified/Refereed By - Rick Webber (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)Certification Date - 30/01/2006CoverageCoverage Name - New Zealand Exclusive Economic ZoneCoverage: Spatial Northern - 24.00° SCoverage: Spatial Southern - 58.00° SCoverage: Spatial Eastern - 167.00° WCoverage: Spatial Western - 157.00° ECoverage: Temporal Earliest - 26/11/1972Coverage: Temporal Latest - 10/11/2004Distribution Northern - 24.00° SDistribution Southern - 41.91° SDistribution Eastern - 167.01° WDistribution Western - 159.01° EMaintenanceLayer Date Received - 30/01/2006Layer Date Loaded - 19/09/2006Layer Date Renewed - 08/08/2011Metadata Date Received - 30/01/2006Metadata Date Loaded - 19/09/2006Metadata Date Renewed - 08/08/2011Maintenance and Update Frequency - as neededApproved for Promotion By - Nathan Batchelor - Information Management, Ministry for Primary IndustriesApproved for Promotion Date - 19/09/2006

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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[143.0806, -47.5105], [170.2893, -47.5105], [170.2893, -18.3739], [143.0806, -18.3739], [143.0806, -47.5105]]]}
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