Erosion Prone Land

Flood Susceptible Land 2009For the purpose of the Regional Water and Soil Plan, this layer identifies areas of floodplain, alluvial soil and peat basins that are considered susceptible to flooding.The data does not attempt to differentiate on the grounds of probability of the land being flooded, that is, the data does not distinguish between land that is likely to flood frequently and land that may only flood on rare occasions. That sort of detail is the subject of ongoing investigation and where the information is available it will be held in the relevant District Council’s Hazards Database.Erosion Prone Land 2008For the purpose of the Regional Water and Soil Plan, erosion prone land is defined as Class VIIe, VIIIe and VIIIs1 land use capability units generally depicted on the 1:50,000 New Zealand Resource Inventory, Northland Region, Second Edition.

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