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Intended UseThe River Network is a geometric network and should be used for visualising the main rivers, streams and drains in Canterbury. It forms the basis for the Rivers for Allocation layer and Stream Depletion Calculations, which link to the Water Allocation Calculator— allocation summary reports to be used by the Customer Services, Planning, Consents, and Science teams.The River Network is based on LINZ river layer and aerial imagery. Attributes include Māori and English river names, river type, feature type, and source metadata. The River Network is hydrologically connected and traceable. Attributes still to be assigned to network include drain type, permanence, and bed extent. Attributes from NIWA’s River Environment Classification (REC) layer that make up the river type classification (network position, climate, source of flow, geology, landcover and valley landform) have been spatially associated but still need to be quality checked.Information users are urged to contact the Water Data Programme (WDP) directly if errors are identified.DisclaimerThis information is accurate to the best of Environment Canterbury’s knowledge and belief. While Environment Canterbury has exercised reasonable skill and care in the preparation, recording and management of this information, this information may be subject to changes as more information becomes available.Environment Canterbury accepts no liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damage, loss, injury or expense that arises from any errors in the information, whether due to Environment Canterbury or a third party, or that arises from the provision, use, or misuse, of the information available from this site.Attribute InformationRiver Information:RiverName – name of river, catchment, or surface water body as defined by LINZMāoriName – Māori name of river, catchment, or surface water body as defined by LINZDrainType – type of drain, as described in Hinds drains layer (i.e. Main, Secondary)Permanence – permanence of river flow (i.e. Perennial (P), Ephemeral (E), Intermittent (I)); null values for now, as these category definitions still need to be agreed upon across teamsBedExtent – width of the riverbed; will accompany braided river polygon layerRiverType – river classification based on REC characteristics and water quality scientist review; values have been spatially derived, but need to be reconfirmedFeatureType – type of line feature (i.e. river, drain, braided river centreline)Environmental Characteristics: see REC attributes metadataClimate – affects patterns of water quality, flood frequency, low flow period, evapotranspiration; climate categories (i.e. warm-dry WD, cool-extremely-wet CX)SourceOfFlow – topography influences sediment patterns, erosion, precipitation storage, and river form; flow categories assigned using a mix of topographic data (i.e. glacial-mountain GM, mountain M, hill H, low-elevation L, lake Lk) and manual designation (i.e. spring Sp, wetland W, regulated R)Geology – catchment geology controls groundwater storage capacity and transmissivity; developed from the toprock category in the Land Resources Inventory (LRI) (i.e. alluvium Al, hard sedimentary rocks HS, soft sedimentary SS, volcanic basic VB, volcanic acidic VA, plutonics Pl, miscellaneous M)Landcover – control for rainfall capture or runoff and potential evapotranspiration; categories developed from New Zealand Land Cover Database (LCDB) (i.e. bare ground B, indigenous forest IF, scrub / tussock T, pastoral P, exotic forestry EF, urban U)NetworkPosition – stream order relates to river form (i.e. low-order LO for headwater streams, middle-order MO for tributaries, high-order HO for main stems)ValleyLandform – indicative of geology and geomorphology, including erosive / depositional setting; derived from slope (i.e. high-gradient HG, medium-gradient MG, low-gradient LG)GIS Attributes:Spatial IDs: ObjectID, GlobalIDSpatial Fields: Shape, Shape.STLength()Source – data source (LINZ river lines, aerial imagery, ECan)SourceNote – note about data source (i.e. specific source layer)History Fields: CreatedBy, CreatedDate, ModifiedBy, ModifiedDate

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