Drains and watercourses (Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaw 2013 - amended 2019)

This layer was amended in January 2019. This dataset has been created from the a georeferenced plans and Engineering knowledge of the drains that the Regional Council manages and maintains through out the region. Note equipment used by the regional council needs at most 7.5m strip alongside the drain. Buffering of 10m has been added so as to alleviate any errors in drawing of the drains, therefore consider the two outer lines as advisory only. Attribute fields: Feature Name: Type (Canals, Rivers, Waterway ie Creeks; and Drains. No definitions on the differences were given on original map) Grid: Grid number given on map Given Length: Length of Drain given on map 2 Name: Name of Drain Asset Number: ECan asset number ID: ECan ID number

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Spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[170.0442, -44.7642], [173.6982, -44.7642], [173.6982, -42.3134], [170.0442, -42.3134], [170.0442, -44.7642]]]}
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