Counts of Te Reo speakers of Maori descent by Meshblock

This dataset contains counts of people of Maori descent by the official language indicator from the 2013 Census. The data is presented at meshblock level and uses the 2013 Census boundaries. The variables provided are as follows:

  • Number of Maori Descent who speak te reo Maori
  • Number of Maori Descent who do not speak te reo Maori (includes no language)

This dataset allows for the comparison across areas to determine the strength or otherwise of te reo Maori language for people of Maori descent.

Notes: Confidentiality rules have been applied to all cells in this table, including randomly rounding to base 3. Unrounded counts of less than 6 have been confidentialised. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different tables. -999 indicates cells have been suppressed for confidentiality reasons

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