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This data is available from LINZ website. To download this data, you will be directed away from the Auckland Council Open Data Portal to a third-party website.It is important to note that all third-party data is subject to the terms and conditions of the copyright owner. Auckland Council is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this third-party data. This layer contains the DSM for LiDAR data from the Auckland region captured in 2013.The DEM is available as layer Auckland Lidar 1m DEM (2013).The index tiles are available as layer Auckland Lidar Index Tiles (2013).The LAS point cloud and vendor project reports are available from OpenTopography.Lidar was captured for Auckland Council by NZ Aerial Mapping & Aerial Surveying Limited. The capture of the data commenced on 17th July and was completed by the 23 November 2013. The datasets were generated by both ASL and NZAM. All raw point cloud data was produced by NZAM & ASL prior to data being sent to Genesys International for the data classification and product generation. The survey area includes the Auckland city urban area and adjacent rural land covering approximately 2250 square kilometers. Data management and distribution external to Auckland Council is managed by Land Information New Zealand.Data comprises:•DEM: 6423 asc files in NZTM projection, tiled into a 1:1,000 tile layout•DSM: 6423 asc files in NZTM projection, tiled into a 1:1,000 tile layout•Point cloud: 8224 las files in NZTM projection, tiled into a 1:1,000 tile layoutData was collected at > 1.5 point/square metre point density. Attributes include:-Elevation-Intensity values-Return number-Adjusted GPS time-ClassificationVertical accuracy specification is +/-0.2m (@ 95% confidence)Horizontal accuracy specification is +/-0.6m (@ 95% confidence)Verical Datum is NZVD2009

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