Adams CJ, Campbell HJ, Griffin WL. 2020. Data tables for detrital zircon age studies of Haast Schist in western Otago and Marlborough, New Zealand.

Supplementary Data Table 1 Otago and Marlborough schist, detrital zircon ages of schist protoliths U-Th-Pb isotopic ratios, measured and common-Pb corrected detrital zircon ages A) Western Otago: Samples 1-18 B) Marlborough: Samples 19-30

Supplementary Data Table 2 U-Pb zircon age data, southern New England Orogen granite suites: Samples 1-6

Key Points • Original protoliths are recognisable within the Haast Schist of New Zealand on the basis of distinctive detrital zircon age patterns. • The Aspiring Lithological Association (Otago Schist) of western Otago, is correlated with a similar belt of schistose rocks (Marlborough Schist) in western Marlborough, and both are assigned to a Waipapa Composite Terrane protolith of Jurassic to Late Triassic age. • The Jurassic-Late Triassic sandstones within Waipapa Composite Terrane are dominantly of granitoid provenance in eastern Australia. • Detrital zircons of Carboniferous age in Waipapa Composite Terrane support a possible New England Orogen provenance in northeastern NSW and southeastern Queensland, and also indicate possible primary sources for the gold and tungsten in the western Otago Schist and western Marlborough Schist. • This result is in marked contrast to eastern Otago Schist where the protolith is Rakaia Terrane of Late Triassic age and whose provenance is in central-eastern Queensland.

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