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  • Pastoral monitoring

    Ministry for Primary Industries
    MPI last ran the Farm Monitoring Programme in 2012 and it has since been replaced by partnerships with Beef+LambNZ and DairyNZ. MPI has a contract to access anonymised data for analysis within the Ministry, as required. Sheep and beef farm survey - http://beeflambnz.com/information/on-farm-data-and-industry-production/sheep-beef-farm-survey/ DairyNZ...
    Created 10 April 2017 Updated 17 May 2018
  • Live animal exports

    Ministry for Primary Industries
    Spreadsheets with statistics for the export of germplasm and live animals from 2011
    Created 10 April 2017 Updated 24 July 2017
  • Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries (SOPI)

    Ministry for Primary Industries
    An assessment of the current state of our major primary sectors and their prospects for the next four years. The Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries is the new name for the Situation and Outlook for New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry (or SONZAF). Like its predecessor, it is published annually (with a six-monthly update) but now also includes a...
    Created 10 April 2017 Updated 21 July 2017
  • Sustainable Farming Fund Project Search

    Ministry for Primary Industries
    Projects funded by the Sustainable Farming Fund since 2000.
    Created 10 April 2017 Updated 21 July 2017
  • Environmental indicators - Land and soil (Waikato)

    Waikato Regional Council
    The indicators for the quality of the Waikato region's land, soil and native vegetation and how it changes.
    Created 6 March 2017 Updated 6 March 2017
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